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Wintery mix blasts Ontario, Quebec

Where's the spring weather?
Where's the spring weather?

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

April 19, 2011 — Keep the umbrellas and snow shovels handy. Depending on where you are in Ontario and Quebec this week you're bound to see rain or snow through Thursday.

Snowfall totals are adding up in northern Ontario
Snowfall totals are adding up in northern Ontario

A surge of wintry weather is muscling its way across Ontario and Quebec, leaving residents puzzled over what happened to the spring season.

“Places in the extreme southwest faced a messy morning commute on Monday,” says Elena Grigorenko, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. “Some places saw between two and five centimetres of snow.”

The snow showers tapered by the afternoon hours, but another system has its sights set on the region.

Environment Canada says a low located over Texas is tracking slowly toward the Great Lakes.

“The first wave of moisture started to affect the Windsor area Tuesday morning,” explains Grigorenko.

Winter storm watches and warnings were also issued for areas farther north throughout the day. The fresh snow will add to the already substantial amount that coated the ground over the weekend. Areas like Geraldton saw 26 cm while Kapuskasing was hit with 37 cm.

Up to 15 cm of snow is possible for some places with this new system.

Messy mix expected in eastern Ontario and southern Quebec
Messy mix expected in eastern Ontario and southern Quebec

By the evening and overnight hours on Tuesday, the main band of precipitation will bring heavy rain to the Greater Toronto Area as well. In general, total rainfall amounts of 15 to 25 mm are expected.

Additionally, a few embedded thunderstorms could be possible.

“By Wednesday morning the system is bulling away from southern Ontario, but will linger in Quebec until Thursday morning,” notes Brian Owsiak, another meteorologist at The Weather Network.

Owsiak says areas in eastern Ontario and southern Quebec could face a tricky morning commute on Wednesday with an extended period of freezing rain and ice pellets possible.

“And through the day on Thursday temperatures will warm to above freezing and the precipitation will transition to rain with 30-40 mm expected. Areas in central Quebec including Quebec City could receive anywhere from 10 to 25 cm of snow from this storm,” warns Owsiak.

To stay up to date on conditions in your area, tune in to the Weather Network. Local forecasts come up every 10 minutes on the 10's.

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