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Mid-summer update across Canada

How has the summer been for you so far?
How has the summer been for you so far?

July 28, 2011 — Wondering what the rest of the summer will be like? The Weather Network provides a regional breakdown for the remainder of the season.

Looking back at the summer season far, conditions have varied across the country.

Find out what's in store in your area for the next couple of months.

British Columbia

Summer weather is finally on deck for coastal B.C., over the next few weeks as we head into more of a late summer mode with little in the way of changeable conditions developing. As the improvement on the coast happens, the Interior will get quite warm as we move into the first week of August with hot conditions in the south.


For the Prairie provinces the wet weather has also eased in some areas. However, for southern Saskatchewan and southern Manitoba rainfall a little above average is indicated. Much of the Grain Belt will be near to a little drier than average and this should help to bring in a dry grain crop for most toward Labour Day and beyond. Some above average rain in the northern forests of Saskatchewan and Manitoba should make for a quieter end to the forest fire season there.Temperatures will be near to somewhat above average.

Ontario and Quebec

There are some indications of rainfalls above the average for northwestern Ontario to assist with the fires there along with near to slightly above normal temperatures, but this is not certain from a weather pattern point of view. The rest of Ontario and most of Quebec can look forward to a good chance of above average temperatures with near to slightly below average precipitation through September.

Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canada will see some of that warmth to the west spill into New Brunswick, Labrador and northern Newfoundland predominantly with otherwise near normal temperatures. Precipitation-wise, we expect near normal amounts with a tendency for slightly above average values across northern and eastern Newfoundland.

The North

Across the Far North, a little bit wet in northern Yukon to start but generally dry weather for the most part, though western Nunavut may see values a bit above the mean. Temperatures will be near to above normal across these regions; perhaps a tad cooler than average along Nunavutís eastern coastlines.

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