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Tornado outbreak hits U.S.

June 8, 2010 — Deadly storms leave parts of the US Midwest looking like a 'war zone.'

An 11-kilometre strip southeast of Toledo, Ohio was the area hardest hit by a tornado outbreak that unleashed a path of destruction in the US Midwest over the weekend. The storms narrowly missed the densely populated suburbs of Toledo.

At least seven people were killed in Ohio. Tornadoes were also reported in Illinois, Michigan and Indiana.

In Michigan, the winds ripped the siding off a nuclear plant, which shut down automatically.

Why was this storm so intense? Weather Network meteorologist Brian Dillon says, “Basically it blew up last night in Iowa and then just rolled right into the jet stream. It started as a weak low, but when the jet picked it up. It strengthened as it moved east. It had all the right parameters to make it very intense.”

The storm was actually the same system that affected southern Ontario during the overnight hours - resulting in a potential tornado for southwestern Ontario and significant rainfall across southern Ontario.

“The northern flank (of the storm) affected southern Ontario while the southern flank straddled the midwest and Ohio River Valley,” notes Dillon.

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