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Mild air lingers in Ontario

Temperatures were unseasonably warm in Ontario this weekend
Temperatures were unseasonably warm in Ontario this weekend

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

November 15, 2011 — Ontarians enjoyed a mild and even record breaking weekend. How long will the warm conditions last?

Record temperatures Monday
Record temperatures Monday

After a wintry start to the weekend in southern Ontario, temperatures rebounded to record highs Sunday.

Several places reached a new daytime high, including the city of St.Catharines where temperatures soared to nearly 18°C.

Toronto was just shy of breaking a record set back in 1989, but temperatures were still hovering in the teens after midnight.

Ontarians experienced another mild and record breaking day on Monday, but a system that pushed in from the U.S. also brought soggy weather to the region. Some communities in southwestern Ontario experienced thunderstorms as well.

Tornado watches and warnings were issued stateside late Monday afternoon, but no rotation was detected in Ontario.

Tuesday will be another mild day, before a passing cold front helps to drop temperatures to more seasonal values later this week.

“Temperatures will remain mild on Tuesday, but will gradually start to cool throughout the day on Wednesday,“ says Elena Lappo, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. “By Thursday, Toronto can expect a daytime high of only 5°C.”

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