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Temperatures plunge in southern Ontario

Andrea Stockton, staff writer
December 16, 2011 — Rain and record-breaking temperatures have been keeping things green across Ontario. Temperatures plunge as we head into the weekend.

Record high temperatures Thursday
Record high temperatures Thursday

It may be hard for some people in southern Ontario to believe that it's the middle of December.

On Thursday afternoon, temperatures soared into the double digits, breaking records along the way. Collingwood and Borden both hit 15.4°C. Toronto's Buttonville airport was also balmy at 12.5°C, smashing a previous record of 10°C set in 1993.

While some are enjoying the mild conditions, above-seasonal temperatures and a lack of snow are giving some people in southern Ontario a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit.

Several ski resorts have even been forced to push back their opening dates because of the unfavourable conditions.

Despite the delay in the ski and snowboard season however, retailers are taking the late start in stride.

“We're definitely not seeing as much traffic as we used to,” says Jacob Allen- Jordan, manager of Moguls in Mocean.

The ice has melted at an outdoor rink in Burlington
The ice has melted at an outdoor rink in Burlington

“People are still shopping buying coats, jackets, gloves, socks and things like that, but we're seeing a little bit of a slow on the ski and snowboard side of things. But we're not too worried, we're definitely thinking people will start coming in once the snow starts to drop and it just means we'll have a late winter going into March, which would be kind of nice.”

Skating rinks have also been taking a hit from the mild weather. On Thursday, the ice rink at Spencer Smith Park in Burlington had completely melted away.

In addition to mild temperatures, a system brought heavy rain and powerful winds to parts of the province Thursday. Winds gusted close to 90 km/h in the St. Catharines area, while Toronto Island reported peak gusts at 80 km/h.

Temperatures have also plunged behind the system. Most places are seeing a 10 degree drop on Friday and conditions are expected to remain chilly through the weekend.

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