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More rain soaks Atlantic Canada

Lyndsay Morrison and Lisa Varano, staff writers

November 18, 2010 — It wasn't a deluge, but communities affected by last week's flooding in the Maritimes got another soaking of rain this week. Residents are encouraged to check for signs of flooding to prevent from future damage.

Another bout of rain soaked the Maritimes this week
Another bout of rain soaked the Maritimes this week

It wasn't nearly as significant and the 200 mm of rain that drenched the Maritimes last week, but another bout of wet weather did soak the provinces this week.

The same system that brought drenching rain to southern Ontario Tuesday pushed into Quebec and Atlantic Canada. 34 mm fell in Quebec City, while 28 mm fell in Saint John. Lower amounts of rain were recorded in Nova Scotia and PEI.

This latest system comes on the heels of record-breaking rainfall last week that triggered major flooding along the Fundy shores. There was so much damage in some areas that it looked like a hurricane hit.

Last weekend, most evacuees returned to their homes and many states of emergency ended. The Raynardton area in Yarmouth County ended its state of emergency on Saturday morning. But, not far away, some families in the East Kemptville and Belleville areas remain isolated because bridges were washed out on side roads. Emergency officials are prepared to deliver supplies by boat if necessary.

Yarmouth was one of the hardest-hit areas last week
Yarmouth was one of the hardest-hit areas last week

Flood officials were worried about dams in the area, including the Vaughn Lake Dam on the Tusket river. However, the dams held up.

About an hour away, in Barrington, a state of emergency is expected to last until Monday.

Parts of New Brunswick, particularly along the Bay of Fundy shores, are also gradually getting back to normal. A boil water order was lifted in Hillsborough, but people across the Maritimes have been told to test water from wells.

People in these parts of the Maritimes are also urged to be especially cautious on the roads as inspections and repairs continue.

For more information on the incoming rain, be sure to check your local forecast. You can also tune in to The Weather Network on TV, where the National Forecast comes up at the top and bottom of every hour.

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