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Mother's Day stargazing

Lisa Varano, staff writer

May 7, 2011 — Two special events take place Sunday: One here on Earth, and the other up above.

Star cluster. Courtesy
Star cluster. Courtesy

Stargazers like Andrew Yee have a suggestion for what to do with mom this Mother's Day.

The astronomer says you should take her to a star party after sunset.

That's how many International Astronomy Week celebrations will end this Sunday.

This year, organizers hope the whole family comes out.

“This could be a neat way to celebrate Mother's Day,” says Yee.

He recommends trying sidewalk astronomy, “where you can look through a telescope to view the sun during the day, and planets and stars in the evening.”

You might even be able to see a family reunion in the night sky.

“Clear skies, happy astronomy day, and happy Mother's Day,” says Yee.

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