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Snow and Strong Winds for Newfoundland

Laurissa Anyas-Weiss, content producer

February 17, 2009 — An intense storm is currently affecting Newfoundland.

The 'weather bomb' storm is packed with snow and strong winds.St. John's should see about 25cm of snow by Thursday morning. Lesser amounts are forecast for the western part of the province.

The winds are the big issue for this storm and they will not abate until Thursday morning. At times, gusts will reach over 100km/h.

Blowing snow and poor visibility are expected during this storm due to the combined effects of the winds and snow. The storm will depart early Thursday.

Keep in mind that another system is on its way from the Maritimes Thursday night, putting Newfoundland back into snowy weather.

Winter Storm Warnings are currently in effect across the province.

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