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Nipping allergies in the bud

Pollen is the worst enemy of allergy sufferers
Pollen is the worst enemy of allergy sufferers

Sana Ahmed, staff writer

May 20, 2011 — Spring's in the air. And so are dreaded allergies. But there are ways that allergy sufferers can deal with this problem.

Mosquitoes are another menace during spring weather
Mosquitoes are another menace during spring weather

Spring is when flowers are in bloom. And the hopeful thought of summer being right around the corner also makes people generally happier. But, the story isn't all rosy for especially those who suffer from allergies during spring season. Research has shown that airborne allergies have gone up in the last two decades.

Allergies mostly surface during spring season because of their connection with rainy weather. Usually, rain is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and pollen spores. During rain, pollen ends up staying on the ground, instead of being airborne. And when it gets even slightly breezy during sunny weather, pollen is most likely to affect people with allergies, making it harder to breathe.

Allergy experts suggest various ways on how to cope with the issue.

  • During the peak season, one should avoid staying outdoors. If you are staying inside, then close windows and keep air conditioning on.
  • If you do plan on going outside, then take non-sedative antihistamines for moderate symptoms. If your condition is more serious in nature, consulting a doctor is best. Severe allergy cases usually require prescribed medications such as, nasal sprays and eye drops.
  • For those who battle extreme reactions to pollen, experts recommend taking allergy injections.

    It's also the season for black flies, so it's highly advisable to take extra precaution, especially when stepping outdoors. Wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants is an ideal outfit. Using bug repellent is also not a bad idea in order to combat black flies and mosquitoes.

    With files from Ottawa Citizen

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