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Non-stop rain for BC coast

Showers keeping British Columbia green
Showers keeping British Columbia green

Lisa Varano, staff writer

October 19, 2010 — The central and northern coasts of British Columbia are having another bout of incessant rain.

Forecast rainfall totals
Forecast rainfall totals

Coastal British Columbia is no stranger to heavy rainfalls. But even in this area, 100 mm of rain is a lot. And that's how much rain could fall by Thursday morning.

The heaviest rain should be between Sullivan Bay and Bella Bella.

“The jet stream is crossing the central coast and a series of lows are passing through -- that's why the area is getting so much rain” says Elena Grigorenko, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

It is a La Nina year and that has helped position the jet stream in such a way that B.C. gets smacked with low after low. British Columbia is preparing for a potentially stormy winter.

Watching the rain from a dry place
Watching the rain from a dry place

This fall, damaging rainstorms have struck along B.C.'s coast. In the province, recovering from rainstorms is a business on its own.

Strong winds have accompanied the most recent storm as it hits the coast and the northern tip of Vancouver Island, but those gusts are now diminishing.

High pressure to the south is keeping the system from moving to Vancouver or Victoria, where this Monday's forecast calls for variable clouds.

While the rain is non-stop on B.C.'s coast, it is only on-and-off in the Interior. Mixing with snow is possible in higher elevations.

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