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Warmth continues in the West

A dog cools off in Steinbach, Manitoba
A dog cools off in Steinbach, Manitoba

Matt Casey, staff writer

October 7, 2010 — Today looks to be another warm day for the southern Prairies and northwestern Ontario.

An omega pattern in the jet stream has been keeping temperatures mild
An omega pattern in the jet stream has been keeping temperatures mild

A ridge in the jet stream has been bringing some warm, sunny weather to parts of Canada for days now, and the warmth continued into Wednesday. Drumheller, Alberta was Canada's hot spot with a sizzling high of 25.2C.

Although Wednesday's temperatures didn't break as many records as Tuesday's, daytime highs still averaged around 13 to 15 degrees above seasonal for most of the southern Prairies.

For people in parts of Saskatchewan, their work week started off feeling more like Summer. On Monday, Assiniboia hit a scorching 29C, and Coronach wasn't far behind at 28.5C.

The warm weather also set new daytime highs in Manitoba on Tuesday. Thompson, Island Lake and Bachelors Island all made it into the record books for the unseasonable warmth. That same day, records were set in northwestern Ontario in places like Geraldton, Pickle Lake, Upsala and Wawa.

Children enjoy the sun in Deloraine, Manitoba
Children enjoy the sun in Deloraine, Manitoba

With the ridge continuing in the jet stream and clear skies forecast in much of the southern Prairies today, many areas could see temperatures close to or above the 20C mark.

If you're wondering how long this stretch of warm weather will last, it should stick around for a few more days at least. It looks like it might not be until around Thanksgiving Monday when temperatures should start to fall back to more seasonal values.

“Right now we're getting this ridging in the jet stream bringing in warm southerly air. After Thanksgiving Monday the jet stream will begin to trough, bringing in cooler air from the north,” explains Dayna Vettese, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

To stay up-to-date on your local forecast, click our Canadian Cities Index. You can also tune into The Weather Network on TV, where our National Forecast comes up at the top and bottom of every hour.

With files from Lyndsay Morrison and Lisa Varano

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