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Olympic coach’s running tips

Suzanne Leonard, reporter
January 25, 2012 — Running is an increasingly popular activity for many Canadians. The Weather Network’s Suzanne Leonard finds out how best to do it right during colder months.

Wearing 2-3 layers is usually ideal
Wearing 2-3 layers is usually ideal

Regular exercise for some during winter can be daunting. The task can seem especially hard if it means exercising outdoors.

But that shouldn’t be the case, according to Head Coach Dave Scott-Thomas from the University of Guelph’s Speed River Track & Field Club.

“ I don’t think there’s much of a difference between winter and other times of the year, personally,” says Scott-Thomas. “You just make it a regular part of your life and get out the door.”

Scott-Thomas coaches Olympic athletes, including marathoners Eric Gillis and Reid Coolsaet – an impressive resume, and a reliable source for fitness advice.

“I don’t think the weather’s that daunting, you prepare for that. But you need it to be habitual. You want it to be social – connect with friends and make it a regular part of your routine.”

Here are some ways to better prepare yourself for outdoor exercise:

  • Dress like it’s 10 degrees warmer than it actually is, so you don’t overheat as you work out.
  • Wear shoes with good traction, add “treads” on icy days.
  • Breathing might be more comfortable on extremely cold days if you wear a balaclava.

With files from Sana Ahmed.

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