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Nine tornadoes in ON this summer

Severe damage from the Leamington tornado- June 6
Severe damage from the Leamington tornado- June 6

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

July 26, 2010 — Environment Canada has confirmed nine tornadoes in Ontario this season. And it's not over yet.

Tornado in Amherstburg damages trees
Tornado in Amherstburg damages trees

Talk about an active season. Ontario has seen its fair share of severe thunderstorms this summer and that has helped to fuel nine tornadoes so far.

The most recent touch down occurred just this past Friday in the Amherstburg area. The damage track was “at least one kilometre long and 40 feet wide,” says Environment Canada meteorologist Sarah Wong.

Environment Canada also confirmed a downburst near Kingsville that same day. Both the tornado and the downburst were rated F0 on the Fujita scale.

Another memorable day this summer was June 6, when a line of severe thunderstorms swept through parts of Essex County. Originally it was thought that the storms produced one tornado, but after further study Environment Canada determined it was actually three separate tornadoes that touched down near Leamington.

The severe weather season for the province runs from late April until early October. On average, Ontario sees 11 tornadoes during that time.

High pressure dominates on Tuesday
High pressure dominates on Tuesday

After an active weekend, residents in southern Ontario are enjoying a breath of fresh air. Not only has the stormy weather moved out, but the humidity as dropped as well.

“Essentially in terms of air mass, a cold front that passed through Saturday night brought in a less humid air mass. Then an area of high pressure moved in from the U.S., and helped to clear and dry things out on Sunday,” says The Weather Network's meteorologist Michelle Cassar.

It won't be until Wednesday that the region faces the risk for some more thunderstorms.

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With files from Lisa Varano and Jill Colton

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