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Ontario drivers urged to prepare for winter

Road conditions expected to change rapidly during the winter months
Road conditions expected to change rapidly during the winter months

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

November 8, 2010 — Ontario police are warning drivers to get their vehicles ready for the winter months despite the sunny outlook this week.

Safety blitz held in Toronto Monday
Safety blitz held in Toronto Monday

It's a pattern change to say the least. After a week of chilly temperatures and even snow in some areas, a stretch of sunny weather is expected in southern Ontario this week.

And that's just the news some Torontonians were waiting for. “It makes me feel great, it makes me want to get out,” says one resident we caught up with on city streets.

Meanwhile, the sunny weather had another Torontonian dreaming of a different season. “I like to pretend that it's spring and ignore the fact that we're getting closer to winter, so this sun makes me feel amazing.”

While residents in the region are using the dry and seasonal weather as an excuse to get outdoors, Toronto Police took advantage of the conditions to hold a safety blitz on Monday. Officials were ensuring that truck drivers have their rigs up to par for the winter. They suggest that other drivers do an inspection of their own as well.

“You should be checking your own vehicle and not just relying on your mechanic in the three and six month maintenance period,” says Constable Hugh Smith with Toronto Police.

“Especially at this time of year, our conditions are all going to change, the Daylight Saving Time is coming into effect.”

The sun's glare can reduce visibility on the roads
The sun's glare can reduce visibility on the roads

Constable Graham Williamson is with the Ontario Provincial Police and he adds that the change in time means more than just an extra hour of sleep.

“You have a long time of driving with the sun being very low and of course it creates glare, but it also creates a bit of visibility problems so make sure you're equipped with sun glasses,” notes Williamson.

He says that drivers should always expect the unexpected as conditions can change rapidly during the fall and winter months.

To stay up-to-date on your local forecast, click our Ontario Cities Index. You can also tune in to The Weather Network on TV, where the Regional Forecast comes up at the top of bottom of every hour.

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