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Microburst confirmed in Staples, Ontario

Thunderstorm clouds in Toronto
Thunderstorm clouds in Toronto

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

June 29, 2010 — After an active end to the weekend in southern Ontario, a microburst has been confirmed in Staples.

Ominous clouds in Leamington - June 27
Ominous clouds in Leamington - June 27

It wasn't your typical Sunday across southern Ontario. The region was hit with heavy downpours and intense thunderstorms that brought pea to marble sized hail throughout the day.

At one point, Environment Canada issued a tornado warning for areas in the southwest, including Leamington, where funnel clouds were spotted. There have been no reports or confirmation of a tornado touching down, but the damage that was left after severe thunderstorms rumbled through has many residents wondering. Especially since the area was hit by an F2 tornado earlier this month.

This has actually been a pretty active month for severe weather in the province. In fact, just last week, two tornadoes were confirmed in Midland and Washago.

Microburst confirmed in Staples, Ontario
Microburst confirmed in Staples, Ontario

It may not have been a tornado that hit Staples, Ontario Sunday, but it was still damaging none-the-less. Environment Canada has confirmed that it was a microburst event that swept through the town.

A microburst is rated on the low end of the F1 Fujita scale and consists of straight line winds peaking between 120 and 150km/h. That was enough to cause large hail, uprooted trees and a damaged barn in the area.

Meanwhile it was the heavy rain that had residents across the Greater Toronto Area talking on Sunday. At some points, visibility on the roads was close to zero during the storm. Toronto in particular broke a rainfall record set back in 1957 after over 53mm fell yesterday. The severe downpour helped to shut down the Union Station and the Don Valley Parkway late Sunday night.

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With files from Jill Colton.

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