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Increased risk of fires in Ontario

April 5, 2010 — Several fire bans have been issued across Ontario, and the warm dry conditions are increasing the risk.

It was a firey weekend across Ontario. And not just because of the record mild temperatures.

All of the recent dry and warm weather across Ontario has increased the risk for fires.

Firefighters worked into the wee hours of Friday evening to bring down the fire that torched nearly 100 vehicles. The fire broke out in Flamborough, as flames engulfed around 30 acres of land that was littered with gas tanks, scrap vehicles and wood. It took nearly 40 fireman to snuff out the flames.

Public Information Officer for Hamilton's emergency services, John Verbeek says it was a huge fire to tackle. “We had to come at it from different sides, we wanted to stop this thing before it spread.”

Thankfully there weren't any injuries or building damage because it was an open-fire.

And this was the fourth grass-fire the Hamilton department fought on Good Friday.

Crews also responded to several grass fires in Innisfil and Simcoe County this weekend. Most of the fires occurred after residents ignored the fire bans in place. Strong winds didn't help matters either. The flames were more easily spread in the midst of the powerful gusts.

Townships around Barrie, Muskoka and Ottawa currently have fire bans in place. This essentially means that no kind of outdoor fires are allowed except for barbecues.

Muskoka fire officials say that only small fires in the most rural areas will be allowed as long as you follow the rules:

  • Fires must take place between two hours before sunset and two hours after sunrise
  • The smoke from your fire can't interfere with your neighbours or a roadway
  • You must have the proper tools to put out the fire if the need should arise
  • You must be with your fire at all times.

    Rain is expected to move into the region overnight through to tomorrow. Although there won't be heavy amounts of it, there should be enough to decrease the grass fire risk for now.

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