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Ontario's unsettled week

Today's risk of thunderstorms
Today's risk of thunderstorms

Sana Ahmed, staff writer

June 20, 2011 — Ontario to see a mixture of rain, sun and risk of thunderstorms this week.

Tuesday's thunderstorm risk map
Tuesday's thunderstorm risk map

The low pressure system that's currently hitting Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas will soon move into parts of Ontario. As a result, Ontarians will most likely see quite unsettled weather during this week.

There will be a mixture of sun, rain and a possibility of thunderstorms.

Tonight, southwestern Ontario and in particular, Windsor, will probably see some thunderstorm activity.

Moving into Tuesday, there is a risk of thundershowers depending where you are in Ontario. If you are in southwestern Ontario, the risk will be more. This likelihood will be greater by Wednesday, as you can expect rain and thundershowers in parts of Ontario.

At this point, it is too soon to tell when this system will clear out and move out of Ontario. And each day, the risk of thunderstorm activity varies from place to place.

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