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The Shovelling Begins in Ontario and Quebec

February 26, 2010 — A powerful snow storm pummeled the Ottawa region and southern Quebec this week. Suzie Poisson has the details on what this week has been like for residents in Quebec.

After weeks of little to no snow, winter made a bit of a comeback in eastern Ontario and southern Quebec this week.

It was a three-day storm that packed a big punch. The system first hit the Eastern Township of Quebec on Wednesday where close to 60 centimetres of snow fell in less than 12 hours. Thousands of skiers packed the slopes and used the stormy weather as a perfect opportunity.

It may have been great on the ski hills, but roads were a MESS. Dozens of car accidents were reported over the last few days. More than 106,000 people in Quebec were without electricity this morning, and at one point, close to 5,000 were off the grid in eastern Ontario.

Originally, forecasters were expecting this snow to transition over to rain. However, the cold air stopped that from happening.

'We expected temperatures to warm up enough for rain to fall and the snow to melt, but that didn't end up being the case,' said Weather Network Meteorologist Rob Davis.

The snow is now beginning to taper off, but the wind is still persistent and fierce, making for some tricky situations on the roads.

Make sure you check out our Highway Conditions report before you hit the road. It comes up on TV at :25 and :56 minutes past each hour.

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