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Over 1000 lightning strikes flash in Sydney, Australia

Andrea Stockton, staff writer
January 9, 2012 — The sky was spectacular in Sydney Sunday night as thunderstorms with intense lightning rolled through.

Over 1000 lightning strikes detected in Sydney Sunday
Over 1000 lightning strikes detected in Sydney Sunday

The city saw over 1000 lightning strikes from a lingering thunderstorm on Sunday. 1042 lightning strikes were detected near Sydney before the storm tapered and skies cleared early Monday morning.

Heavy rain with the system also lead to localized flooding on city streets. Over 30 mm of rain was recorded in Sydney, while parts of the Hills districts and the north shore picked up more than 50 mm.

Forecasters say the storms across the region were particularly intense thanks to a combination of high humidity levels and the slow-moving nature of the trough.

Before Sunday, Sydney had received less than a millimetre of rain.

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