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Pakistan rushes to rebuild before winter

Left homeless by floods
Left homeless by floods

Lisa Varano, staff writer

October 18, 2010 — People in Pakistan are trying to rebuild flooded homes before winter comes.

Towns went underwater
Towns went underwater

Millions of people are still homeless three months after floods swallowed up entire villages in Pakistan.

Homes were destroyed when the Indus river burst its banks in late July and caused devastating floods for several weeks.

Some areas remain underwater today. In places where the water has receded, many homes are destroyed. Others are still standing but need to be torn down because they are unsound.

The flooding in Pakistan affected 20 million people. About one-third of the affected people are homeless.

Canadian vigil for Pakistan flood victims
Canadian vigil for Pakistan flood victims

One of the challenges of rebuilding is the high price of scarce construction materials. Humanitarian aid agencies are trying to help, but more donations are needed.

“We are doing the best we can with what resources we have, but more support is needed for shelter to protect families during the winter months ahead,” says United Nations spokesperson Stacey Winston.

Canadians are pitching in to help Pakistan recover. Over the weekend, a candlelight vigil for flood victims held in Markham, Ontario. To make a contribution to the flood relief effort, donate to the Canadian Red Cross.

With files from The Associated Press

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