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Tropical storm terrorizes Pakistan

June 6, 2010 — A tropical storm triggers shattering rains, resulting in floods in Karachi, Pakistan on Sunday.

The country's largest city was left completely drenched after the rains tore through the area, leaving a wake of damaged mud houses and submerged roads in its path. Seven people were even electrocuted in the flood waters.

Authorities have helped to evacuate several thousand people from their homes to the country's southern coastline. Some villagers have refused to move, regardless of the impending dangers.

A government minister in the Baluchistan province says that many mud houses in Gawadar and Pansi districts have all but collapsed.

The storm was expected to touch down on land sometime Sunday evening. It's slated to bring more rain and winds as strong as 80 km/hr. Authorities fear more flooding is set to come with the impending storm. Originally, it was of cyclone strength -- Tropical Storm Phet hit Oman on Friday, killing at least two people and causing massive flooding.

Karachi was hit with hours of rain, which left roads flooded with over 30 cm of water. Electricity was also cut in many districts. Arguably, the most devastating factor in all of this, is that many parts of Karachi and other towns along the coast are desperately poor. Therefore much of the infrastructure is already in bad condition, and the devastating weather has made things like roads and bridges even more susceptible to the severe weather.

Although there might be one positive factor to the torrential conditions. The area rarely sees rain in the summer, let alone massive bouts of it, so it could be the silver lining in an often rain-free city.

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