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Paula floods streets in Havana, Cuba

Roads completely flooded in Cuba
Roads completely flooded in Cuba

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

October 15, 2010 — Paula has weakened even further, but the storm is still bringing heavy rain to parts of the Caribbean.

Strong winds cause minor damage on Cuba streets
Strong winds cause minor damage on Cuba streets

Paula weakened to a tropical depression near the northern coast of Cuba Friday. And although officials say it was a small hurricane, Paula still packed quite the punch.

Paula approached Havana, Cuba on Thursday as a tropical storm and dumped flooding rains on a good portion of the city. Streets were completely washed out and some turned into shallow rivers. Much of the city was left in the dark as well after the remnants from the storm knocked out power. Police were forced to direct traffic since signals were blacked out.

Forecasters say an additional 50 mm of rain could fall over central Cuba and the Bahamas through Saturday. By the time the storm has left Cuba it will have brought around 250 mm of rain to some areas of the island. Authorities say that there is still a risk for flash flooding.

On Wednesday Paula sideswiped Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, but caused little damage to the waterfront resorts along the coast.

Paula is the 16th named storm of the Atlantic season and the ninth hurricane to develop this year.

To stay up-to-date on the hurricane season, head to our Tropical Storm Centre. You can also tune into The Weather Network on TV for updates. Our newscast comes up at :12 and :42 past every hour.

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