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Pelican Jumps At Weather Man

February 17, 2010 — The life of a weather man isn't as glamourous as it may least that's the case for Steve Jacobs.

It wasn't a typical morning show Australia's viewers expected to see.

In Sydney, Australia, Network Nine decided to film a live weather segment at the zoo.

And it's a show weather man Steve Jacobs will never forget.

As the segment began, Marnie the pelican jumped towards Jacobs giving him the fright of his life.

The zoo keeper pulled the bird back and got everything under control so that Jacobs could continue on with the weather.

Or so he thought.

A minute later, Marnie took another plunge for the weather man's behind. 'Let me go, I'm going to be mentally scarred,' screamed Jacobs.

Check out the attack yourself in the video above. It's sure to be a weather segment like you've never seen before.

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