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Perception of 'good' weather differs among Canadians

Do you embrace the weather in Canada?
Do you embrace the weather in Canada?

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

July 28, 2011 — Weather is a common topic among most Canadians, but a person's perception of the conditions can differ greatly.

Your perception of weather can change depending on how you feel at the time
Your perception of weather can change depending on how you feel at the time

Social media technologies show that a favourite Canadian pastime is complaining about the weather. Whether it's rain or extreme heat, officials say people have their own reasons for embracing or avoiding it.

“There are a lot of considerations which sway our view on a particular season’s weather such as whether or not you are a farmer praying for rain or an amusement park operator hoping for nothing but sun,” explains Bryn Jones, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

These certain circumstances combined with timing can affect a person's perception of what “good” weather is during each season.

Jones questions, “Did the good weather always fall on weekends when you could enjoy it? Perhaps all the disappointing weather was concentrated in a two week period in early June only. Duration is of particular interest to many. Did we get locked into a heat wave or was the weather changeable?”

These variables can also have a psychological impact for some. Day after day of monotonous grey skies and intermittent light rain compared to a couple of days of heavier rainfall followed by sunshine can make a difference.

“People feel the wind, the humidity and sun beating down on them. Combined with how they are feeling in general and what they are doing, this impacts what they think,” notes Jones.

No matter what conditions you prefer, Canadians experience everything through the changing seasons.

Wondering what the current conditions are like in your area? Head to the Canadian Cities Index for more information. You can also tune into The Weather Network on TV or up-to-date coverage.

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