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Perfect pumpkins in Ontario

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

September 24, 2010 — Ontarians looking for the perfect pumpkin this fall are in luck. Conditions were just right for a plentiful crop.

How will you carve your jack-o-latern?
How will you carve your jack-o-latern?

Between making the perfect pie for Thanksgiving and carving a favourite jack-o-latern on Halloween, choosing a pumpkin is all part of the autumn fun.

And this season, Ontarians are in luck. Weather conditions over the summer were just right for the pumpkin crop. A mix of moderate rain and warm temperatures was exactly what they needed.

“Pumpkins like a lot of moisture and they like the heat, but they don't like to be sitting in a lot of water,” says Jerry Howell from Howell Family Pumpkin Farm in Fonthill, Ontario.

Howell adds that conditions were a huge improvement from 2009. “Last year we had a lot of rain almost every day and it was cool so they didn't like it so much.”

The yield this year is much greater and although some of the pumpkins are a bit smaller, there's a lot of them.

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