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Mudslides in Peru

April 6, 2010 — The clean-up is now underway in one Peruvian town after devastating floods and mudslides hit the region.

A major clean-up operation is now underway in Ambo, Peru. The town was one of several hit by a series of devastating mudslides last week.

The death toll has now risen to 28 and at least 40 people are still missing.

The first mudslide came crashing down on Thursday night in the town of Cancejos, and was followed by a second slide in Ambo. Both towns are about 500 kilometres east of the capital of Lima.

The slides were triggered by a stretch of soggy weather in Peru. There has been higher than average rainfall in the country this year, which scientists believe is associated with the El Nino phenomenon.

In early March, at least 15 people were killed by floods and mudslides in the south of Peru. In February, thousands of people, including foreign tourists, became stranded when rain and mudslides cut off transportation in the Cusco region.

Just last week, the famous tourist destination Machu Picchu reopened after being closed for months due to flooding.

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