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Funnel clouds in the Prairies

Lyndsay Morrison, staff writer

August 13, 2010 — Another day, another round of severe storms in the Prairies. We had multiple reports of funnel clouds in Saskatchewan.

Funnel cloud in Yorkton, Saskatchewan
Funnel cloud in Yorkton, Saskatchewan

You could call it yet another repeat performance. Thunderstorms fired up in all three Prairie provinces on Friday, bringing heavy rain, lightning, strong winds and large hail.

“An upper trough is made everything a mess,” says Danya Vettese, a meteorologist here at The Weather Network.

It all started in the early morning hours, when an intense thunderstorm struck Winnipeg, Manitoba. Intense downpours flooded streets, while gusty winds triggered widespread power outages.

By the afternoon and evening hours, heavy rain was drenching parts of Alberta. In Saskatchewan, funnel clouds were spotted in both Vanscoy, southwest of Saskatoon, and Yorkton.

Toonie-sized hail fell in SK on Thursday
Toonie-sized hail fell in SK on Thursday

In addition to making noise and causing a scene, these storms are also helping to cool things off significantly.

“Temperatures have been hovering in the high teens in both Alberta and Saskatchewan,” notes Vettese.

The humidity managed to stick around in Manitoba, but Vettese says by Saturday area's across all three Prairie provinces will be sitting in the low 20's.

On Thursday, toonie sized hail was reported in Carlyle, Saskatchewan. The hail lasted for about 30 minutes before a funnel cloud was spotted southwest of the city. Earlier this week, heavy rain triggered flooding in both Edmonton and Calgary.

By Saturday, the risk of thunderstorms will extend into northern Ontario. Some regions could see severe weather.

For more forecast details click our Canadian Cities Index. If you have photos or videos of thunderstorms that you'd like to share with us, they can be uploaded easily to our Your Weather Gallery.

With files from Andrea Stockton

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