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From sun to snow in Prairies

Cooler weather is on the way
Cooler weather is on the way

Jill Colton, staff writer

November 7, 2010 — People across the Prairies have been spoiled with warm fall conditions lately, but all that is about to change over the next week.

A surprisingly warm start to November
A surprisingly warm start to November

Although the calendar says late fall, it's been far from cold across parts of the Prairies.

It all started on Thursday when temperatures in Alberta began heating up because of a southerly flow that blanketed the province. Lethbridge hit a daytime high of 23°C, which was a new record for the city. Friday also saw warm temperatures and sunshine across the province.

Then on Saturday, it was Saskatchewan's turn. Coronach was the hot spot across the country with the mercury jumping to a mild 21.8°C. Maple Creek was also feeling the heat at 20.6°C. “It's all about the ridge in the jet stream that was higher and it brought warm temperatures,” explains Dayna Vettese, one of the meteorologists here at The Weather Network.

Precipitation type: Sunday night to Monday morning
Precipitation type: Sunday night to Monday morning

However, like all good things, the warm weather is coming to an end. Sunday was still mild, but the change isn't far away. “Temperatures are moderating back to seasonal with the cooling in Alberta happening on Monday.” So what's the reason for the back and forth weather pattern? Vettese says it comes down to the jet stream and because it's sinking into a trough, cooler conditions are the result.

By the end of the week, the rest of the Prairies will follow suit by dropping back down to seasonal.

Environment Canada has issued a snowfall warning for Saskatchewan as heavy snow is expected to fall from Monday to Tuesday in central and northern parts of the province.

With files from Lisa Varano

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