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Severe Thunderstorm Risk Continues for Prairies

Laurissa Anyas-Weiss, content producer

June 17, 2009 — Thunderstorms continue to plague the Prairies Thursday and Friday.

Severe thunderstorms are possible for eastern Saskatchewan and the Interlake region of Manitoba this afternoon and into the evening. These storms include the risk of hail. Wednesday's storms brought hail to parts of Saskatchewan some of which was caught on film by Heather from Alameda who added that hail fell for 2 hours.

Warm temperatures are bringing unsettled weather to the Prairies where drought has plagued many farming communities. Day time heating has resulted in afternoon and evening thunderstorms over the past few days. These convective storms do not bring enough precipitation to help farmers and have added to their woes with lightning strikes starting wildfire across the Prairies. One of our viewers, Jonathan from Easterville, MB took a photo of a forest fire just outside of town.

Thunderstorms are forecast for Thursday and Friday across the Prairies with the band of severe thunderstorms slowly shifting east with the warm air.

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