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Temperatures plunge across the Prairies

The Prairies' record low temperatures
The Prairies' record low temperatures

Sana Ahmed, staff writer

September 14, 2011 — Temperatures undergo significant cool down in the Prairies.

Frost warnings issued in parts of northern Alberta
Frost warnings issued in parts of northern Alberta

After a record breaking week across the Prairies last week, temperatures have taken a plunge.

According to Rob Davis, a meteorologist at The Weather Network, the heat was courtesy of a strong ridge in the jet stream, which pulled warm, dry air up from the United States.

“A jet stream is frequently a dividing line between warmer and cooler air masses,” says Davis.

The change came however, when Edmonton, Alberta dropped more than ten degrees on Sunday. The rest of the Prairie provinces followed the same temperature dip on Monday.

“We had a cold a front that swept across all of the Prairies from north to south,” says Davis. “That was why all the Prairies cooled down in just one day.”

Some communities in northern Manitoba have even seen signs of snow with the cool down.

“A rain/snow mix was reported in Thompson, Manitoba early Tuesday morning and light snow fell in Gillam as well,” says Davis.

The cold temperatures prompted Environment Canada to issue frost warnings for many parts of the Prairie provinces on Tuesday night. Frost warnings are issued if there's a good mix of clear skies and calm winds, combined with temperatures below the freezing mark. Temperatures are expected to remain unseasonably low for the remainder of this week.

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