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Signs Of Spring In The Prairies

March 2, 2010 — Fog may be causing poor visibility across the Prairies, but the mild highs are certainly making up for it.

From cold.

To warm.

There IS hope for spring across the Prairies.

After several days of frigid temperatures for most areas last week, a warming trend is moving in due to the mild air under the ridge.

Especially in Alberta. Temperatures in Calgary are expected to climb up to 8 degrees tomorrow. That's warm enough for tulips to start blooming. And it doesn't stop there. Lethbridge will also be heating up. The high for Wednesday is expected to hit the double digits.

There is even hope for Winnipeg as well this week. The city could be starting the weekend on a warm note, with a high of 1 forecast for Friday.

Residents may be wondering how the region could be experiencing such a jump in temperatures in so little time?

The Weather Network's meteorologist Michelle Cassar explains.

'We're seeing Pacific moisture moving into B.C. and that mild air mass is making its way over the Rocky Mountains. This is creating a warming trend that's helping to move towards milder temperatures.'

There's just one problem.

Fog is forecast for the area overnight and that could keep the temperatures from rising. Breezy conditions are expected on Wednesday though, so this could help clear out the fog and solve that problem right there.

Still, don't put those winter coats away just yet. There ARE still three weeks of the winter season left, and that means a blast of cold air could return.

For the latest on what's happening across the Prairies, tune into The Weather Network on TV. The National forecast airs at the top and bottom of each hour.

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