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Quake Rocks Taiwan

March 4, 2010 — A massive 6.4 magnitude quake shook Taiwan early Thursday.

12 people were injured and minor damage and fires were caused to the southern half of the island.

Landslides were reported from Kaohsiung county, one of the areas hardest hit. The epicenter of the quake was int he mountains northeast of the city of Kaohsiung at a depth of 5 kilometers.

The quake set off five fires, and caused 16 elevators to get stuck.

Over half a million households were out of power. No major damage was reported near the epicenter.The quake was quite strong, shaking buildings in the capital Taipei for several minutes.

Natural disasters of this type frequently occur in Taiwan, because of it's location on a seismically active stretch of the Pacific basin.

Residents are being told to take precaution because some of the damages are hidden, and once the soil loosens up from the rain, things may still collapse.

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