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Heavy snow piles up in Quebec

Staff writers

January 14, 2012 — Over 25 cm of snow has piled up in Montreal, with an additional 10 cm possible through Saturday.

Additional snowfall expected through Saturday
Additional snowfall expected through Saturday

A series of low pressure systems brought a wintery mix from Ontario right through to Atlantic Canada, including parts of Quebec.

“Friday morning we had some freezing rain, ice pellets, rain, snow and just a whole mix of everything and it kept changing every minute,” says The Weather Network's Jessica Laventure in Montreal. “A layer of ice has pretty much accumulated everywhere.”

Heavy snow has also been falling in southern Quebec and by Friday evening, Montreal had already seen about 25 cm of snow.

“With more snow over top of the ice, we're telling people to be extra careful when you're out on those roads,” warns Laventure.

A number of warnings are still in place across the province. These warnings range from freezing rain to winter storm to wind chill, showing just how mixed this system is.

Conditions will improve for the southern part of the province on Saturday, but temperatures will remain frigid with windchill values into the -20's.

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