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Rain drenches Halifax festival

Halifax Busker Festival washed out
Halifax Busker Festival washed out

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

August 9, 2011 — Heavy rain that's been soaking parts of the Maritimes forced the cancellation of performances at the Busker Festival Monday.

Vendors shut down their booths
Vendors shut down their booths

The same system that swept through southern Ontario and flooded parts of a major highway moved into the Maritimes late Sunday bringing it's own set of problems to the region.

Over 50 mm fell in parts of New Brunswick, while Shearwater recorded closer to 100 mm. Lesser amounts accumulated at Halifax's airport, but the onset of steady, wet weather was enough to cancel the Halifax International Busker Festival on Monday.

“We've had to inform our 100 plus volunteers not to come in today (Monday) because of the rain,” said event director, Christina Edwards.

“We also had to inform the police and security that we won't be on site, our 40 odd vendors could open if they wanted to and the performers, some of them chose to do shows in the rain without sound and without tech and others decided to take the day off and rest.”

Heavy rain drenches the Maritimes
Heavy rain drenches the Maritimes

For the Flameoz acrobats, the heavy rain managed to snuff out their performance.

“This rain is just a little bit too heavy for us,” says Grace Billings with Flameoz. “If it's just sprinkling we still like to do a show because people come down to see it and we don't want to disappoint people, but unfortunately, this is just too much.”

Most of the rain began to ease on Tuesday, but festival goers still have strong winds to contend with.

“Yesterday was torrential rain and today is windy, but we're still going on with the shows as long as the performers want to do it,” says Edwards.

She adds that the stormy weather hasn't dampened the spirits of attendees. “God love them, with all that rain Monday, they were still on site.”

Meanwhile, in Sydney, Nova Scotia, the heavy rain is being blamed for two accidents on Highway 125. RCMP say no injuries were reported, but the severe downpours caused hydroplaning on roads and highways. Drivers are urged to adjust their driving speeds in poor conditions.

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