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Rain, snow lash Ontario

Sana Ahmed, staff writer

April 17, 2011 — Wet and windy conditions to persist throughout the weekend in Ontario.

Ontario's rain forecast
Ontario's rain forecast

It's time to put your boots on, because it's going to be wet and muddy in the province.

The same system that brought tornadoes to the American mid-west is now hovering over Ontario in the form of rain, wind and snow.

Highly unsettled weather was the story for most of Sunday for both southern and northern Ontario.

Gusty winds and wind-driven snow lashed across parts of southern Ontario. The Greater Toronto Area saw winds gust up to 70 km/h.

Because of such high winds, drivers were met with messy conditions. Officials are advising drivers to take added precaution when maneuvering through gusty winds.

The good news is that whatever snow that will fall in the region won't accumulate.

A wind warning has been issued for the Niagara region. Wind gusts of up to 95 km/h are expected to last until late Sunday evening in that area.

The wind didn't let up in northern Ontario either. But along with the wind, snow was an added feature over the weekend in the region. Some parts got as much as 30cm by Sunday night. Winds mixed with snow added to reduced visibility conditions.

Snowfall that started Friday night in Thunder Bay and its surrounding areas, will continue to fall steadily Saturday and into Sunday.

Some parts in the area will see an accumulation of up to 30cm, whereas Thunder Bay will get up to 15cm.

“Snow at this time of the year is not abnormal for Thunder Bay,” says Brian Dillon, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.“How much snow you get also depends where you live around the city.”

Winds are also causing temperatures to feel a lot cooler. This isn't the only factor affecting Ontario. The province will have heavy downpour throughout the weekend. When all said and done, some parts will have seen as much as 45mm. Scattered showers will be exiting the region by Sunday afternoon.

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