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Rare tornado barrels over Taipei

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

May 13, 2011 — A rare tornado that formed over Taipei on Thursday caused minimal damage in the area.

Tornadoes usually reported over open areas in Taiwan
Tornadoes usually reported over open areas in Taiwan

Footage from Taipei showed a funnel-shaped cloud moving over the region on Thursday afternoon.

Local forecasters say its radar map indicated a strong convective system in the area. The rare event was likely a tornado.

A van was lifted from the ground and some trees were uprooted as the storm barreled through. Fortunately no deaths or injuries have been reported.

Tornadoes are usually spotted over open areas in the central and southern regions of Taiwan. However, forecasters say twisters aren't completely unheard of in metropolitan places either. As long as the right ingredients are there, tornadoes are possible in highly populated regions.

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