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Los Angeles' hottest day ever

Feeling like the middle of July in Los Angeles Monday
Feeling like the middle of July in Los Angeles Monday

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

September 29, 2010 — Extreme heat has been blanketing parts of California this week keeping costumed characters indoors and smashing records along the way.

People hit the beach to cool down
People hit the beach to cool down

People in Los Angeles, California are sweating out the last week of September. On Monday, the city hit 45C, smashing an all-time record set back on June 26, 1990.

City officials opened several cooling centres, libraries and recreation facilities for an escape from the stifling conditions. The heat continued into Tuesday as well, with daytime highs skyrocketing to 37C.

That was hot enough for famous characters along Hollywood Boulevard to call it a day. Tourists were disappointed that they missed out on Spiderman, Batman and Wonder Woman, but the intense heatwave was too much for the costumed characters to handle.

Many schools have even altered or cancelled any physical activity due to the risk of heat exhaustion.

Power in the city has hit peak demands
Power in the city has hit peak demands

While these blistering temperatures have been perfect for beach goers, they have firefighters on high alert.

Crews were sent to a brush fire in Thousand Oaks, west of L.A. Monday. Luckily, the lack of wind helped to keep the flames from spreading.

Electrical demand is also much higher than normal as residents are cranking the air conditioning in the sweltering heat. On Monday, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power recorded its highest demand ever. For some areas, the demand was enough to blow out transformers. The department said over 11,000 customers were without power at one point on Tuesday.

The blast of summer weather was all thanks to a ridge of high pressure that kept the normal moist and cool conditions at bay. Forecasters at the U.S. National Weather Service say the intense heat followed an usually cool summer in the area.

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