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Record heat invades Manitoba

A late-summer blast of heat invades Manitoba Tuesday
A late-summer blast of heat invades Manitoba Tuesday

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

August 24, 2011 — Tuesday was a day for the record books in Manitoba. Hot air sent temperatures soaring.

Temperatures soared above 30 on Tuesday
Temperatures soared above 30 on Tuesday

Residents in southern Manitoba were basking in record heat on Tuesday. A southwest flow of hot and dry air made way for a late-summer scorcher of a day.

In Winnipeg temperatures soared to 37.2C beating out a previous daily record set back in 1952.

While the onset of hot weather this summer has had eager beach goers flocking to the water, it has also caused problems for some homes in the city. Soil surrounding certain homes has shrivelled up in the dry conditions causing cracks in the foundation.

Contractors say cracks in your closet doors and front doors can be the number one indicator that the drywall is going to start to crumble and move. When extreme heat invades the area, homeowners are encouraged to water each wall of foundation with a light stream of water.

A cold front that slid through the area has helped to cool temperatures significantly. Winnipeg is forecast to reach 25C on Wednesday.

Here's a closer look at the record heat:

Record highs in Manitoba: August 23
LocationNew RecordOld RecordRecord Year
Fisher Branch34.631.01990

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