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Record warmth rushes through Manitoba

Manitobans enjoy mild conditions
Manitobans enjoy mild conditions

Staff writers

November 25, 2011 — Manitobans enjoyed record warm temperatures just a month before Christmas Eve.

Record temperatures in Manitoba Thursday
Record temperatures in Manitoba Thursday

A mild southwesterly flow from the Pacific has been bringing warm and even record breaking temperatures to parts of the Prairies this week.

Several places in Manitoba reached a new daily record high on Thursday, including the city of Winnipeg, where temperatures climbed to over 9°C. That smashed the previous record of 7.2°C set back in 1907.

Quite the contrast from last year when temperatures were below the freezing mark and over 10 cm of snow blanketed the ground.

While the Prairie provinces have been enjoying mild conditions, a parade of lows have hammered BC.

“Storm after storm has hit coastal BC this week,” says Rob Davis, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. “And as the systems track through, they're bringing not only heavy rain to BC, but warm air which stretches across the Prairies as well.”

Gusty conditions have also accompanied the train of Pacific lows and parts of Alberta have dealt with damaging winds. In fact, some of Wednesday's wind gusts were near hurricane-strength.

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