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Recycling election signs in Ontario

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

October 27, 2010 — Residents across the Region of Peel are being asked to recycle election signs in an effort to save them from entering the landfill.

The municipal election was held in Ontario on October 25
The municipal election was held in Ontario on October 25

Lawns and fields across Ontario have been covered with election signs over the past few weeks. And now that the municipal election is over, what happens to all of those signs?

“We'd like you to bring them to us,” says John Baldry, with Solid Waste Management in the City of Toronto. “It's the right thing to do. To do otherwise would be to put these things into a landfill.”

Residents across the Peel Region can recycle the signs at any Community Recycling Centre (CRC) free of charge. Since the signs are not accepted in curbside recycling containers, residents are encouraged to drop them off at CRC's nearby.

“The last election we were able to collect over 12 tonnes of this material and that saves half of a trailer load going to landfill,” notes Baldry.

Strong winds are another concern. A weather bomb has been bringing gusty conditions to much of the province over the past couple of days. “And what we don't want to see is these signs blowing all over people's neighbourhoods,” notes Baldry.

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