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Reindeer in training in Moncton, New Brunswick

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

December 9, 2010 — They may not be part of Santa's original crew, but reindeer Rudy and Olive are preparing for the holiday season in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Is there a striking resemblance between Bruce and Santa?
Is there a striking resemblance between Bruce and Santa?

Two Woodland Caribou have arrived in New Brunswick and are getting ready for the holiday season.

“They are called reindeer in Europe and they are the animals associated with Santa and Christmas,” says Bruce Dougan with Magnetic Hill Zoo in Moncton.

Rudy and Olive travelled from Shubinacadie, Nova Scotia and seem to be settling in at the zoo.

“I would say they prefer this colder weather for sure. Many, many years ago they were found throughout Canada even in the Maritime provinces up until the 1920's in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. But they do tend to be more of a northern animal,” explains Dougan.

The Weather Network's Shelley Steeves couldn't help but wonder if these two reindeer are indeed related to Santa's original pack.

“I haven't looked back that far in lineage,” says Dougan. He adds that Rudy and Olive are part of the zoo's winter exhibit.

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