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Remembering a wicked BC storm

Andrea Stockton, staff writer
November 15, 2011 — On November 15, 2006 more than two million residents in BC's Lower Mainland were urged to boil their water after a wicked storm roared through.

BC Hydro crews worked to restore power after the storm
BC Hydro crews worked to restore power after the storm

It's been five years since a powerful storm knocked out power and caused flooding in BC's Lower Mainland.

Wind gusts reached more than 100 km/h in some areas leaving 200,000 customers without power at the height of the storm.

Trees toppled onto powerlines and damaged homes in West Vancouver. About 80 residents in the area were forced to leave their homes because of the danger of falling trees.

The town of Port Alberni was cut off from highway access as fallen trees and flooding resulted in closures in each direction.

While the flooding rain caused dangerous driving conditions and road closures, it also became a health issue for people in the Vancouver area. More than two million residents were told to consider boiling their water to avoid any health risks.

The Greater Vancouver Regional District issued a boil-water advisory warning that the persistent, heavy rains had increased turbidity in local reservoirs, which could lead to gastrointestinal illness if taken from the tap.

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