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Remembering the 2010 Winter Games

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

February 10, 2011 — It may have only been a year ago, but the lack of snow at the 2010 Winter Games is still fresh on the minds of several people.

2010 Winter Games remembered for spring-like weather
2010 Winter Games remembered for spring-like weather

It was a story that made headlines at this time last year. It even ranked as Environment Canada's top weather story of 2010. And now a year later, Vancouverites are still remembering the 2010 Winter Olympics for a certain thing.

“No snow, no snow, no snow,” says one resident we caught up with. “I think the preconceived notion was if the weather was lousy we were going to be in bad shape for the Olympics. So everybody's praying, begging and asking the gods above to go and throw some snow and some ice,” recalls another Vancouverite.

Despite all of the hoping and praying involved, the Games for the most part, fell short of the wintery weather.

Mild conditions gave organizers no other choice but to transport snow to the venues using trucks and helicopters. They also placed tubes filled with dry ice in the moguls and the aerials course to keep snow from breaking down.

Within days of the Games beginning, organizers were forced to refund about 28,000 tickets to spectators. The rising temperatures had melted the snow, leaving very little space for the spectators to stand at the Cypress Mountain location.

Lack of snow at Cypress Mountain for the Winter Games
Lack of snow at Cypress Mountain for the Winter Games

At one point, temperatures soared into the double digits, which resulted in an event at the Whistler Sliding Centre being post-poned because of the melting ice.

Shay Ostapowich is a meteorologist at The Weather Network and was one of the 35 forecasters at the Winter Games. She said the weather was very unpredictable at times making it difficult to nail down certain conditions.

And while there may have been some weather setbacks, the event was still a success.

“A lot of jokes were made around the world about our weather, but in the end, somehow we made it work,” says Oga Nwobosi, The Weather Network's Vancouver reporter.

Nwobosi adds that even at Cypress Mountain where there was hardly any snow, Canadians managed to win half a dozen medals there, making it a great weather story afterall.

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