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Retailers feel the pinch in the Maritimes

Shelley Steves, reporter
January 26, 2012 — Mild weather and a lack of snow has sure put the pinch on retailers in the Maritimes.

Lack of snow leaves several snowmobile trails bare
Lack of snow leaves several snowmobile trails bare

Even the sale of winter boots is taking a kicking this winter.

ďThe weather is nice for people who donít want to go outside and do winter sports or anything, but for winter boots we are selling nothing,Ē says Amy Gallagher with Service Shoe Repair.

And the buck doesnít just stop here. Snowmobile sales also tanked in January. No snow at the trails in the southern parts of New Brunswick means they're not even open.

The Moncton area typically sees about 80 cm of snow in the month of January, but this year, near the end of the month, just over 30 cm ws recorded. Much of that didnít stick around for very long because of mild temperatures.

As a result, there really hasnít been much of a need for shovels and snow removal equipment, which for some, has been a good thing. The Mayor of Moncton says they are saving a bundle on snow removal this year.

ďAs Mayor you know I am happy for that. Personally I love the winter, I love lots of snow, but there are some good things from a mild winter like we are having now,ď says Mayor of Moncton George LeBlanc.

Despite the lack of snow, winter is nowhere near over yet. In fact thereís snow in the forecast for the Maritimes later on this week. Some retailers say however, it may come too little too late to make up for lost sales.

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