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Roads washed out in Kingsley, Saskatchewan

Roads washed out near Kipling, SK
Roads washed out near Kipling, SK

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

May 6, 2011 — A small community in southeastern Saskatchewan declared a state of emergency on Friday.

Homes threatened by floodwaters
Homes threatened by floodwaters

The spring flood season continues to cause problems in parts of Saskatchewan.

The latest area to declare a state of emergency was Kingsley, a small community southeast of Regina. Longtime residents say they haven't seen flooding of this magnitude since the 1950's.

A deadly snowstorm that blasted the region last weekend only helped to complicate matters and increase instability along waterways.

Officials say culverts are overflowing and roads have been washed out making transportation next to impossible in the area.

The flood fight persists in southern Manitoba as well as water levels rise along the Red and Assiniboine Rivers. Crews continue to reinforce dikes to ensure that flood prone areas can withstand a heavier flow.

Over 1,000 residents remain out of their homes due to flooded and impassable roads.

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