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Romantic October stargazing

Alexandra Pope, staff writer
October 16, 2011 — October is a romantic time for stargazing as Venus returns to the evening sky.

Venus returns to the October night sky
Venus returns to the October night sky

Venus has not been visible in this hemisphere since July. To catch a glimpse of the planet, look toward a clear horizon about 35 minutes after sunset.

Jupiter continues to dominate the evening sky in October. About an hour and a half after sunset, Jupiter is high enough in the eastern sky to be easily visible to the naked eye. Wait another hour, and the constellation Pleiades (the Seven Sisters) joins the show.

Mars is still faintly visible in the morning sky throughout October. Look for the red planet above the bright star Regulus in the constellation Leo.

Finally, Saturn makes an appearance later in the month. Look for the ringed planet low on the eastern horizon just before dawn. Saturn takes up a higher position in the sky in November.

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