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Royal weather analysis

Prince William to marry Kate Middleton
Prince William to marry Kate Middleton

Sana Ahmed, staff writer

April 28, 2011 — Impending rain might put a damper on William and Kate's royal wedding.

Royal wedding watchers are excited for the day's proceedings
Royal wedding watchers are excited for the day's proceedings

Ah, the royals. You might love them, you might even envy them. But what you certainly can't be jealous about is the dubious English weather.

All the world's pomp and circumstance can't stop Mother Nature from possibly bringing rain on April 29 -- the day Prince William is set to marry his long-time sweetheart, Kate Middleton.

Chris Scott, a meteorologist at The Weather Network says a weak disturbance moving in from the southeast will “increase cloud cover through Thursday and bring a mainly cloudy day to most of southern England on Friday with some showers.”

Scott adds that conditions will likely be changeable through the day. “Mainly cloudy with some sunny breaks possible, and the chance of showers.”

The rain isn't likely to dampen the tens of thousands of fans already lingering on London's streets, and it won't spoil the proceedings either.

Projected forecast for April 29.
Projected forecast for April 29.

That doesn't mean British officials are taking any chances.

St. James' Palace has already said that it has an open and a closed coach on hand for such contingencies. They'll likely have a slew of official umbrella-wielders on hand too.

According to reports, Prince William knew the risks of an April wedding, but insisted anyhow.

The couple are no strangers to wet weather. They were thoroughly rained upon when they performed their last official engagement before the royal nuptials at Lancashire.

There's no doubt that all the uncertainty should provide rich fodder for the weather-loving British.

Temperatures are also expected to hover around a seasonal 17 degrees. The conditions should make things comfortable even if the bride opts for a heavy dress fabric.

With files from The Examiner and Jill Colton and Andrea Stockton

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