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Rules of spring clean up

Ensure that lid is tightly secured
Ensure that lid is tightly secured

Sana Ahmed, staff writer

May 3, 2011 — Properly disposing of objects can be confusing at times. The City of Toronto provides some helpful tips.

The City of Toronto offers a variety of waste disposal solutions
The City of Toronto offers a variety of waste disposal solutions

It's that time of the year again -- spring clean up. Some dread it, some embrace it. But what's clear is that there are people who're in the dark when it comes to knowing how to get rid of certain objects.

Disposing of things properly is very important. Otherwise, hazardous and unwanted waste ends up in landfills.

“If you're wondering what to do with something, we have a very easy and comprehensive online search tool called the Waste Wizard,” says Pat Barrett with the City of Toronto.

The tool is conveniently located on the City of Toronto's website. It is an excellent guide that informs you how to get rid of waste. Also, it will specify if you should use a blue bin for recycling, a garbage bin or make a trip to a hazardous waste depot.

Although sharp objects like, mirrors and glass can be put in the garbage, it's important to note they should be carefully wrapped so that city crews won't be injured.

The city also has re-use drop-off depots set up where staff are trained to accept objects, like paint cans, and hand it over to someone else. Such objects are usually in good, re-useable condition, so a swap can definitely be done.

One should also note that household hazardous waste, like oil, paint, syringes shouldn't go in your blue bin. Furniture, mattresses or box springs can usually be placed on the curb on your designated garbage pick-up day.

But remember, when in doubt, consult the city's website on how to appropriately throw out objects.

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