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Tornadoes roar across Arizona

Tornadoes left widespread damage in the state of Arizona Wednesday
Tornadoes left widespread damage in the state of Arizona Wednesday

Lyndsay Morrison, staff writer

October 7, 2010 — It's been a week of severe storms in the southwestern United States. Not only has there been record rainfall and flooding, but there have also been tornadoes.

Damage in Bellemont, Arizona
Damage in Bellemont, Arizona

The state of Arizona normally gets hit with about four tornadoes each year. This week, four touched down in only one day.

The twisters tore across the state on Wednesday, destroying homes, tossing cars and derailing a freight train off the tracks in Bellemont, west of Flagstaff. At least seven people were injured and thousands have been left without power.

According to one of The Weather Network's meteorologists, Brian Dillon,'s all due to the upper level low that is parked over Louisiana and that's why there are so many tornado watches and warnings coming out of Flagstaff and southern Utah.

That upper level low has packed a bit of a one-two punch this week. In addition to Wednesday's outbreak of tornadoes, it also brought record-breaking rain to parts of Nevada, Arizona and Utah. Streets were left under water and flights were disrupted. Golf ball sized hail was even reported in some communities. At least two people were hospitalized after being struck by lightning.

With files from Jill Colton

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