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Going For Gold...In Forecasting

February 17, 2010 — 'It's one of those times when you're not allowed to be wrong.' That from The Weather Network's meteorologist Shay Ostapowich who is forecasting at the Games.

Shay Ostapowich is one of 35 forecasters at the Winter Games. As we've seen since the Games have begun, the weather can have a HUGE impact on the events, making the job of the forecasting team critical.

And so far, it hasn't been easy.

Ostapowich is forecasting for the sliding centre and that includes Luge, Bobsled and Skeleton. She has spent the last four years preparing for this and says that time was needed in order to understand the weather in the area.

Ostapowich says this has been the most amazing experience so far, but there's a lot of pressure involved. 'It's one of those times when you're just not allowed to be wrong and you have to get everything down to the hour and that's the kind of precision they're expecting and that's what we deliver.'

According to Shay, the most challenging part of forecasting for the sliding centre has been distinguishing the rain, snow line and a lot of the time that line is right in the centre of the track.

When the sun is going to come out is also another huge task. It determines whether they have the blinds open or shut.

You can hear all about Shay's experience so far by clicking on the video above.

Be sure to tune into The Weather Network on TV as well for the latest forecasts at the Games.

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